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Certum Group’s claim monetization solution provides companies with opportunities to identify and monetize their affirmative legal claims. Certum Group will assess litigation assets and provide a strategy for monetization. Some opportunities include: (1) individual litigation against a vendor, contractor, or competitor; (2) participating in a consortium with other companies seeking redress from the same wrongdoer; or (3) “opting out” of pending class action litigation to pursue an individual direct claim, which is often more lucrative than the class recovery.

For those concerned about the inherent uncertainty, timing, or amount of any recovery, for qualifying cases, Certum Group may monetize part of the claim up front, thereby providing much needed revenue, irrespective of the actual outcome of the litigation. By pulling forward potential recoveries, companies can obtain immediate revenue without the uncertainty of the actual outcome. Cash resources that might have been used to cover legal costs can be redeployed into the company’s core operations. While contingent legal assets generally have no ascribed value on a company’s balance sheet, upfront claim monetization can generate cash to help improve the company’s bottom line. Simply put, non-recourse, claim monetization reduces the financial and outcome risk of pending or future litigation and provides upside opportunity to monetize litigation assets.

Stage of Litigation

Our affirmative claim monetization solution can be utilized both before and during litigation. Pre-litigation, it can be used to identify, evaluate, and value potential claims a company might possess against a third-party. During litigation, it can be used to monetize the pending claim thereby generating immediate revenue for the company and eliminating the uncertainty of the financial and outcome risks.

How It Works

As litigation and risk specialists, we can help a company identify potential claims that could be monetized. As part of our process, we design monetization solutions for companies by:

  • Identifying potential claims that could be monetized;
  • Analyzing current litigation to determine if there are efficiencies using litigation funding to carry the costs of litigation;
  • Creating consortiums of similarly situated companies using economies of scale and critical mass to maximize recoveries; and/or
  • Offering immediate monetization of all or a portion of the claims, thereby generating revenue for the company without the time, expense, and uncertainty of ongoing litigation.

Key Benefits

Utilizing Certum Group’s affirmative claim monetization solution, a company’s legal department can become a corporate profit center instead of solely an expense.


Next Steps

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