Litigation Risk Transfer Solutions

Providing certainty in the uncertain world of litigation.

Our experienced team uses proprietary qualitative and quantitative analyses to provide companies, litigants, and law firms with customized solutions. We transfer the outcome risk of litigation in order to meet your specific legal, business, and financial objectives.

We Are Experts at Analyzing Litigation Risk.

About Our Litigation Risk Transfer Platform

Certum Group has created a proprietary, proven litigation underwriting platform that provides innovative insurance, funding and monetization solutions that transfer the litigation outcome risk for both defendants and plaintiffs.

What We Do

Certum Group provides bespoke solutions for companies facing the uncertainty of litigation. We are the leader in providing comprehensive alternative litigation strategies, including class action settlement insurance, litigation buyout insurance, judgment preservation insurance, adverse judgment insurance, litigation funding and claim monetization. Our team of experienced former litigators, insurance professionals, and risk mitigation specialists helps companies remove the financial and operational volatility arising out of litigation by transferring the outcome risk.

Corporate Counsel & Legal Operations Professionals

We work with corporate counsel to identify litigation risks and opportunities backed by innovative risk transfer solutions.

Defense Counsel

We collaborate with defense counsel and their clients to address a variety of litigation issues and opportunities that fulfills all legal and financial objectives.

Insurance Brokers & Carriers

We help design settlement structures that fully cover class action and other litigation settlements within carriers’ existing liability policy limits.

Private Equity

We work with private equity companies and their portfolio companies to mitigate the risk of litigation, to facilitate M&A and financing transactions as well as provide monetization opportunities by identifying litigation assets within the portfolio.

Case Studies

Litigation Buyout Insurance: A Case Study

Defending litigation is ultimately an exercise in risk management. So how do companies manage to protect themselves? In the context of a company preparing for sale, litigation can often delay or in some cases halt the transaction.  There are a...

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Waiting to Settle Cost a Company Millions

A company was facing consumer class actions in which it was defending five separate lawsuits pending in two states. Risk Settlements initially assisted the company in its efforts to settle the case precertification.

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Preventing Bankruptcy Through Risk Transfer

In 2013, a class action lawsuit was filed against a manufacturer. Class plaintiffs alleged that design and manufacturing defects in certain of the company’s branded products caused two distinct safety risks.

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Litigation Finance and Your Career

Litigation Finance and Your Career

Back when law was a profession and not a business, landing a job at an established firm reasonably set you up for a long and fruitful career.  Firms had institutional clients.  Lateral moves among stable firms were rare.  And...

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