Who We Work With

Certum Group collaborates to bring efficiency & certainty to litigation


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As strategic partners, we work with various parties to design efficient, cost-certain resolutions to litigation, providing peace-of-mind and finality.

Corporate Counsel & Legal Operations Professionals

We work with corporate counsel to identify litigation risks and opportunities backed by innovative risk transfer solutions.

Defense Counsel

We collaborate with defense counsel and their clients to address a variety of litigation issues and opportunities that fulfills all legal and financial objectives.

Insurance Brokers

We provide access to a broad set of solutions to help insurance brokers solve their clients’ complex litigation and risk concerns.

Insurance Carriers

We help design settlement structures that fully cover class action and other litigation settlements within carriers’ existing liability policy limits.


We consult with mediators to efficiently settle litigation and ensure all parties have their needs met while creating a pathway for court approval.

Private Equity

We work with private equity companies and their portfolio companies to mitigate the risk of litigation, to facilitate M&A and financing transactions as well as provide monetization opportunities by identifying litigation assets within the portfolio.