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IMN Conference, June 7, 2023, NYC

Jul 6, 2023

The Information Management Network is the preeminent global educational conference organizer designed for experts in the structured finance, real estate, and investment management industries. 

Main Takeaways

While single-case funding is still the norm, portfolio funding deals are becoming ever more popular in the space.

Duration risk has become one of the litigation funding market’s primary concerns.  As a result, it has spawned innovative solutions, including timed wrappers and a burgeoning secondaries market. 

The lit funding market is maturing.  Whereas 4-6 years ago everyone was trying to get in, now there is concrete data on how parties have performed, which is further informing pricing to properly account for the risks involved. 

The use of litigation insurance has been a game changer, with funding parties utilizing it to open up the investor base, protect principal, get leverage, and combat duration risk. 

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