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Litigation Finance and Your Career

by , | Jul 11, 2024

On this 26th episode of Alternative Litigation Strategies, Kevin speaks with one of Certum’s Legal Directors, W. Tyler Perry, about leveraging litigation to advance your career – Here’s a summary: back when law was a profession and not a business, landing a job at an established firm reasonably set you up for a long and fruitful career.  Firms had institutional clients.  Lateral moves among stable firms were rare.  And partners cared about mentoring the next generation because the next generation would pay for their retirement.  Those halcyon days are long gone.  Today, even the most profitable and prestigious firms suffer defections as partners search for the highest guaranteed dollar.  The corollary effects of this reality are legion, but one of the more interesting ones is that it has substantively increased the need for associates to take ownership of their careers at an increasingly early stage.  In this changing ecosystem, if you want to succeed, you need to be an entrepreneur.  And litigation finance can help. 

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