January 30, 2023 – Risk Settlements, which provides bespoke solutions for companies facing the uncertainty of litigation, has changed its name to Certum Group. Latin for “certainty,” Certum represents the core benefit the company delivers to its clients across its entire suite of solutions.

“Our new name represents our mission of bringing certainty to the uncertain world of litigation through our proprietary risk transfer platform,” said Joel Fineberg, managing director. “By using risk transfer of known, threatened, or pending litigation or judgments, we help our clients win more by risking less.” 

Certum Group has created the first and only litigation risk transfer platform that combines insurance, premium finance, and litigation funding to provide tailored solutions for companies, litigants, and law firms. Founded 10 years ago, the team is comprised of former litigators, judicial clerks, actuaries, and financial professionals who design risk transfer and funding solutions to meet legal, business, and financial objectives.

Certum Group’s suite of products includes litigation funding for companies and law firms, claim monetization for known or latent litigation assets, and judgment preservation insurance (JPI) to guarantee the recovery of large judgments being appealed. It also includes portfolio “wrappers” to ensure that an entire group of cases will prevail making monetization or funding possible, class action settlement insurance (CASI) which removes the uncertainty of claims-made settlements, and litigation buyout insurance (LBO) that shifts the outcome of contested litigation from the defendant to a large insurance carrier. Depending on the client’s goals, these solutions are offered stand-alone, or in combination with each other.

About Certum Group

Certum Group provides bespoke solutions for companies facing the uncertainty of litigation. We are the leader in providing comprehensive alternative litigation strategies, including class action settlement insurance, litigation buyout insurance, judgment preservation insurance, adverse judgment insurance, contingency fee insurance, capital protection insurance, litigation funding, and claim monetization. Our team of experienced former litigators, insurance professionals, and risk mitigation specialists helps companies remove the financial and operational volatility arising out of litigation by transferring the outcome risk.

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